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自1856年成立以来, 全球十大赌钱软件排行aratory School has provided young men with a rigorous four-year college preparatory curriculum. 以传统核心学科为基础, the curriculum challenges students with offerings at a multitude of academic levels.

A strength of The Prep experience continues to be the strong personal relationships forged between students and teachers. The educational experience here goes well beyond the walls and time frame of the traditional classroom setting. 进一步支持学校的学术目标, The Prep offers the following unique academic programs to its incoming students:


  • 托马斯·R. 法利44届西顿学者

    At the start of the 2007 academic year, The Prep established the 托马斯·R. Farley '44 西顿学者计划 to even better position our most gifted students for admission to the most competitive colleges and universities in the nation. The Seton Scholar Program presents an exciting and challenging opportunity for young men who truly wish to excel academically and beyond. Applicants who score in the top 5% on the 全球十大赌钱软件排行aratory School Admission Exam, who have demonstrated exemplary academic achievement in grammar or middle school, and who are willing to assume the mantle of leadership are invited to participate.

    Seton Scholars take all of their courses at the highest academic level and, 从大一开始, 开始大学先修课程. Typically, Seton Scholars graduate having taken at least ten AP level classes. 除了常规课程之外, 学生将有机会获得PSAT的专门准备, SAT and ACT examinations and make available options to exercise leadership within and beyond the school community.

    To learn more about program requirements and to see where recent Seton Scholar alumni have attended college, 请按此.
  • 托马斯J. 格里芬桥梁计划

    成立于1993年的托马斯J. 格里芬桥梁计划提供教育, 金融, and social support to enable academically talented yet 金融ly limited young men from the Greater Newark area to attend 全球十大赌钱软件排行aratory School. The 格里芬桥梁计划 is specifically designed to meet the needs of inner-city young men, 不分种族和信仰, 为他们提供一个可以学习的环境, 开发, 并充分发挥他们的潜力. 除了四年的财政支持承诺之外, scholars and their families are provided with a formal and extensive support network which includes:

    • 校友及企业辅导
    • 同辈“老大哥”
    • 全职项目总监
    • 四年专职辅导员/社工
    • Advisory Committee comprised of both school and local leaders
    团队合作, this vast network provides a unique infrastructure which ensures that each student has the necessary support he needs to thrive.
    要了解更多关于 格里芬桥梁计划,请与主任刘先生联络. 安德鲁·肯特,973-325-6784或 akent@skylinehairdesign.net.
  • 沃尔顿家庭学习中心

    全球十大赌钱软件排行aratory School offers limited services to highly motivated students with mild learning differences to enable them to meet the demands of our rigorous college preparatory curriculum. The 沃尔顿家庭学习中心 at 全球十大赌钱软件排行 does not make any modifications to the school curriculum, 作业或测试内容. All students are educated within the general education environment – there is no resource/replacement, 拉拔力, 或者课堂支持. Common services provided include but are not limited to: additional time on tests, 如有优惠的教室座位, the use of assistive technology in the classroom consistent with teacher-created policies and procedures, and skill 开发ment in both organization and time management. All applicants must meet the same standards for admission and continue to meet the same academic standards once enrolled as the rest of the student population. 才能被考虑录取, a complete and current copy of the applicant’s IEP or ISP must be received prior to testing. Applicant interviews will be conducted during weeks of November 27 and December 4. 因此, all applicants for the 沃尔顿家庭学习中心 are strongly encouraged to sit for either of the November testing dates.

    有关的完整信息 沃尔顿家庭学习中心 请联系 Dr. 安东尼·坎内拉,2000年 直接拨打973-325-6397.
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