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The Prep's 历史: From the 档案

My interest in The Prep's history goes back to my first year here— 1970. I'm pretty certain that my hiring had a lot to do with the fact that I had been editor of SHU's yearbook, 大帆船(RIP 2006), 自从校长, Fr. 吉布林, needed to fill the unexpected late August vacancy for both a Spanish teacher and a moderator for the Tower. Having been a student at the University, I already had a cursory understanding of the parallel histories of “The Preparatory” and "the College." And when opportunities presented themselves to explore and put The Prep’s past on paper in the several yearbooks I advised between 1971 and 1988, I not only jumped in with both feet, 但, important for the way things worked out over the next four decades, began a mental catalog of the interesting photos, mementos and ephemera strewn around the nooks and crannies of Mooney, Duffy and Stafford Halls in South Orange.

在这中间的几年里, first as a "hobby" and later in the position of Director of Communications, I've reached into that body of "cool old stuff" to enhance PR and admissions pieces, 目录, 海报, 宣传册, 以及, 对我来说是最重要的, the celebratory Sesquicentennial book "O Sing Her Praise," and the last 19 years’ worth of Tower Revisited magazines. 现在是我在SHP的第50个年头, I have added to the collection with five or six thousand paper-based photographs and, since 1999 (when film went away for me), more than a quarter million digital photos. So when I re-configured my role at The Prep at the beginning of 2019, 我给自己洗礼, since I was pretty much the only person that knew what we had and where it was stashed, 在其他角色中, 的档案.

Beginning that task I scoured storage spaces under stairways, 很少访问壁橱, 办公室和家庭文件柜, 以及 the now out-of-commission basement darkroom, gathering the great stuff that tells our history. You can see how that "collecting" phase turned out in the photo above. Surveying and identifying what’s landed in that room becomes Phase II, 然后是编目, and protecting and/or digitizing the most fragile material. There is now a spot on the website where you can enjoy some of the interesting pieces that have been re-discovered over the months (look below the photos for captions). Periodic updates are posted on the NEWS page at skylinehairdesign.net.

Sadly, there are huge gaps in the collection. It is short on original material from prior to 1970 (although we have all the yearbooks except 1933). And material from before 1940 is extremely rare. Recalling that the College and The Prep were once one and the same, suffering three disastrous fires in the first decades of our existence, the biggest gap concerns material from the earliest years. We have a couple of pre-1900 registrar's logs, 但 almost nothing else. 那种材料很珍贵. 因此, if you or someone you know would like to bestow on us some of that extremely old ephemera, 让我们知道.

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